Eng. Eran Duvdevani, lecturing in an international counter-terrorism conference in Washington D.C.

Col. Duvdevani is a wanted lecturer on the subjects hereinafter. He gained a comprehensive experience in lecturing in international conferences in many countries. The lectures are presented in English, and many of the items in the lectures are illustrated with video footages. Lectures are normally 90 minutes long, but a full-scale subject can be planned for a one- or two-day learning sessions.

On the side-bar are examples of lectures' topics:

  • Israel's Counter-terrorism policy in Hostage-taking incidents.
  • Targeted killings – does Israel really have a choice?.
  • Suicide bombings – How can a Democracy encounter this phenomenon?.
  • The bastards changed the rules – The Low-Intensity Conflict in Iraq and Israel.
  • The role of the Media in fighting Terrorism.
  • Fighting terror with technology – the relative advantage.
  • Global terrorism trends - Insights, threats, and impacts.