Lectures - Targeted Killings

Targeted killings – does Israel really have a choice?

  • The International law.
  • Israel's Supreme court's decision.
  • History of targeted killings, methods and means used:
    • Prior to the 1956 Sinai operation – the head of the Egyptian army's intelligence officer in the Gaza region.
    • In the 60's – the German scientists in Egypt.
    • The retaliation for the Munich Olympics massacre.
    • Hizbulla's leader- 1992.
    • Terror leaders prior to the Oslo Accords.
    • Terror leaders after the Oslo accords until the second Intifada.
    • Current targeted killings, since the break of the second Intifada.
  • The considerations for targeted killings: the required conditions.
  • How is it done?
  • The presentation will include video clips.