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Eng. Eran Duvdevani

Jet-ways Aviation is a privately-owned, Israeli-based agency, for businesses associated with aviation.

We are dealing with aircraft sales, representation of workshops for various maintenance jobs, including the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), joint-ventures in tenders published by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), regarding the sale of aircraft which served in the Israeli Air-Force and related spare parts. These activities are under license from the IMOD and an end-user statements are required for purchases from the IMOD. We are also associated with a fractional-ownership enterprise in Texas, USA (www.planesmart.com).

We are dealing with the sale of aircraft, mostly for General Aviation, most of them are located in Israel. We have an extended experience in selling aircraft to European countries, preparing them according to the requirements of the different Civil Aviation administrations and fly them to their destination. The aircraft offered by us can be delivered with American registration and American annual inspection, as we are working with an FAA DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) and DER.

All aircraft can be delivered "As Is", or repainted, refurbished and equipped with new avionics at affordable prices.

Eran Duvdevani, the owner of the agency, is an airline transport pilot license holder, (ATPL- both FAA and ICAA), flying a Global Express, and a mechanical engineer, as well as an expert in terror threats on aviation. As such, Mr. Duvdevani has a large experience and knowledge in operational & technical issues regarding aviation, as well as knowing it from the cockpit. We also advise on aviation security, techniques, methods and training for the security staff. More information is available on the Security & Counter Terror Consultancy website.

Jet-ways Aviation has world-wide associates, in the USA (Texas & Oregon), Canada, Germany, Turkey, Serbia & Montenegro, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Jordan and France.

We are also proud to be the exclusive representatives of Vulcanair Aircraft Spa., from Italy, the manufacturer of the famous P68 Observer 2 and the Turbo-prop A-viator. These two aircraft are the best solutions for aerial reconnaissance, law-enforcement and monitoring, currently over 430 aircraft serving in many countries. The twin-engine, High-wing, fixed gear, stable aircraft enables long missions with excellent visibility and short runway performance, sometimes - without a runway at all...

If you're looking for an aircraft, for private use, flying school or executive, we'll find you one, with our associates' network!