Aircraft for Sale - Business Jets

Our business-jets department is proud of its descrete way of action, combined with the total and comprehensive solutions offered to our customers.

The precious time of the executive level needs special care, and we offer the full-service, to give you the most suitable and comprehensive solution to your needs, with the minimum bother and without waisitng your valuable time.

Our total service includes the following:

  • Characterizing of the precise needs and profile of the customer's travel.
  • Sorting out the types of aircraft to meet your demands.
  • Finding the right aircraft on the market.
  • Negotiating and preparing of contracts by aviation lawyers.
  • Financing solutions.
  • Technical scrutiny of the aircraft, including all paper work, legal status and maintenance history.
  • Registraion of the aircraft under the desired registration.
  • Insurance arrangements – with a special aviation insurance specialist.
  • Coordination of ferry flight.
  • Assisting in finding a suitable air operator to operate the aircraft under its certificate and to maintain the aircraft in its certified repair-station.
  • Assisting in locating suitable air-crew for the operation of the aircraft.

There are no aircraft for sale of this category, as for now. please try again soon, or contact us with your request, to find you one.